Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Internet Marketing From Home:

The Above Link will get into a specific business plan. The key is, to think of the internet as a 7-11 with a whole lot more customers! Follow These Steps To Get Started:

1. Buy a Computer and sign up for High Speed Internet (It is a business after-all!). You can get High speed from your phone or cable company. Don't get a laptop if you plan on working from home.

2. Make a List of Your Knowledge Base! Write down everything you know something about and could qualify as an expert at.

3. You can sell three things over the Internet: Advertising, Information (The worlds largest Bookstore!) or actual products (something you make or something you resell).

4. Visit websites that already sell a product that is similar to the one that you want to sell. Calculate the cost and research what the profit margin will be.

Contact Me for a personal consultation at and I will send you a list of services that we offer to help you maximize the revenue of your online business. You can click on the above link as well, if you like to get started or look at some of the side-links as examples.

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